We believe every child should have 
the tools they need to be successful.

We work with a wide variety of educational institutions, businesses, community agencies, individuals, funders, and government.
We want to keep you up-to-date on our current events and successes.



Partner for Student Success, we focus on the cradle to career continuum, which includes academic and technical skills; career exposure and experiences; social emotional learning; and civic engagement. 

We advocate for financial support and resources around student success.

We monitor and measure progress against the community goals and priorities.

We create awareness and urgency around PFSS and student success within the community.

We engage, align and coordinate community resources to set goals, define priorities and close gaps.

“The future of our community will soon be in the hands of our children. It is critical that we do all possible (NOW) to enable our children to become contributors and leaders. This is my responsibility and your responsibility. PFSS can enable all of us work together toward this goal.”

- Thomas Schlough
PFSS Board Chair and former CEO of Park Industries
“As a mother, high school teacher, middle school principal, independent contractor, and community volunteer, I see that successful people don’t make it alone. Relationships, opportunities and advantages make a big difference in how we all do. I believe the greater St. Cloud area communities can provide that significant difference for our children and youth.”

- Dr. Patricia Welter
Retired Middle School Principal

“PFSS is playing a vital role in our community to help us all get on the same page by focusing on the same goals. By tracking the data and measuring results, they help us coordinate efforts to be more effective and make lasting change.”

- Jon Ruis
President & CEO United Way of Central Minnesota


Everyone in this community has a chance to contribute to the success of students and help ensure a greater future for Central Minnesota. We are bringing together the St. Cloud Area School District, Sartell-St. Stephen School District and Sauk Rapids-Rice School District along with businesses, community groups, parents, child care providers and others. These partners are volunteering their commitment not just out of a sense of responsibility to these children, but also for the amazing opportunity. it represents for this community.
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